Watching over East Leyden
Mr. Ostrander

Mr. Ostrander

Leyden is always welcoming members to our East and West family, and one of these is Mr. Ostrander.

Mr. Ostrander works in the Literacy department, which provides extra help in reading and writing to be successful in other courses.  Mr. Ostrander’s goal is to make sure his students are always happy and wants to be there while his students are evolving and watching them evolve.

Where did you attend high school, and what’s your highest degree ?

  • “I went to Eisenhower High School in Decatur, Il which is about 3 hours south of the Chicagoland area. I have a Masters Degree as a Reading Specialist from Concordia University.”

What led you to become a teacher ?

  • “Athletics and coaching. I played baseball in college and during the summers and offseason we ran camps and clinics for younger kids. I really enjoyed those camps because it allowed me to teach the game and then I began giving lessons one-on-one. It was extremely evident that I would not be playing beyond the college level and I decided to major in Social Studies (my favorite subject) with a minor in Secondary Education because I thought it fit my personality and skill set as a communicator.”

 What are some other career choices that you had in mind before you went into the teaching environment ?

  • “I began college undecided and didn’t declare a major until the 2nd semester of my Sophomore year. I really had no idea what I wanted to do. I always struggled with numbers so I figured that was out but I have always liked and excelled with social studies. Right after college I had some offers to coach or be a trainer for sales companies but I had no other “real” plans for other careers.”

If you could go back and change your career choice, would you ?

  • “No I would not. While Education is an always changing and ever evolving, the root of it is working with students and I enjoy that every day. “

 What was your favorite school that you taught at, and why ?

  • “All of the places I have worked have had value for different reasons. I learned a lot of lessons and made great connections at my first district. In my second district I was afforded the opportunity of teaching with multiple colleagues in multiple disciplines which helped me become a better all around teacher and I still have great friends from there. With that being said…I am extremely happy to be teaching at Leyden and look forward to the new experiences that I will have while I am here: #LeydenPride.”

Leyden has a really tight community and is open to welcoming and accepting new members from students to our faculty. We are a close family who offers many opportunities and love to keep a positive environment. We encourage everybody to be on time and be positive and have a #LeydenPrideDay. Welcome to our Leyden Family Mr. Ostrander.

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