Tik Tok Don’t Stop

Tik Tok Dont Stop

Teenagers nowadays are obsessed with all the new apps on their electronics. The newest trend to hit the app store is Tik Tok. Tik Tok is a mobile app where you are able to create your own short videos and present it to the people on the app. This app was originally called “Musical.ly” and it began getting very popular in 2016. After a while, this app was purchased for a billion dollars and called “Tik Tok”. Tik Tok has become the newest app to create videos since Vine shut down in 2017. According to CNN, around one billion people are on this app to create comedy, dance, storytimes, life hacks and POV’s videos. 

East Leyden High School’s very own senior Arianna Hantosh has a Tik Tok obsession of her own. Hantosh said that she spends an average of 3-5 hours on Tik Tok everyday watching all different kinds of videos on their “For You” page, which the app designs just for individual users based on their viewing habits. Hantosh says that her favorite type of Tik Toks to watch are comedies because they always make her laugh. Hantosh also states that she loves Tik Tok because “It is something new all the time, it’s new content everyday and I could be on the app for hours on end.” A lot of teens are able to relate to some of the Tik Toks posted on their for you page and they go on and post them on social media like Snapchat or Instagram. 

Celebrities have also been on this app since Vine shut down. For example, David Dobrik was a big celebrity on Vine and now he posts vlogs on Youtube. Along with that, he posts short videos on Tik Tok that make a lot of people’s day. The videos will include parts of his vlog that are short and funny. Hantosh states that when she watches Dobrik’s Tik Toks, she laughs at the top of her lungs. 

Well it’s pretty obvious that Tik Tok is addicting and it’s the hot new app on the market. A while ago, a lot of people who had Tik Tok were embarrassed to tell people they have an account, but now it is extremely popular and posted on social media networks like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. Teens will sometimes say to their friends “Hey, have you seen that Tik Tok?” or “Have you learned that new Tik Tok dance that goes like this?” So it’s no doubt Tik Tok may be the hype for teens for a while and it will continue in the new year.