The Controversial Cafeteria

Construction continues


Leyden’s newly opened cafeteria has stirred up some controversial thoughts among the student body. The cafeteria was opened on March 3rd, 2020 and students were able to express their thoughts on how they feel of the new cafeteria. Construction began 3 years ago and has finally opened up to students for a place to hang out, eat, and ultimately enjoy the new addition. Taylor Clinton, a junior, explains that “I like how there’s a bigger space and that we have wifi and that everybody is not all crowded up.”  In the old cafeteria, students felt that they were compact and insisted that a bigger space was needed. 

A problem that concerns students is having to clean up after themselves. From having old school tables that were easy to clean and put away. Leyden upgraded to new modern tables and chairs that are pleasing to the eye but harder to tidy up. Karla Rameriez, a junior states “I think that the only concerning thing would be the cafeteria getting too dirty while we are using it and people not cleaning after themselves when Mr. Markey worked so hard to get the cafeteria to look so nice for us.” The lunchroom is spacious and needs to be well maintained to keep the new look stable and appealing.

 The courtyard is a major addition that gets people’s eyes open on how the layout is shown. Mr. Markey announced that “we hope to open the courtyard as the weather improves and add our furniture in the courtyard as well but that is all dependent on our students continuing to live up to our expectations.” As long as the new addition is respected like any other school property

In the next school year, there will be a new schedule, Freshman Kadin Zineelabidine reveals that “there is going to be more time for lunch next year”.  Lunch will be extended to 35 minutes and there will be fewer periods since the lunchroom has a bigger space to fill students with. Zineelabidine adds that there’s “A lot of seating area for you to hang out with your friends” and with this amount space clubs and other events can get together to use the cafeteria to their advantage. Overall, the new cafeteria gives students a lot of thoughts and gives an impact to Leyden.