Keeping watch over student news at East Leyden High School

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  • A New Beginning
    Professional Sports

    A New Beginning

    Raj Patel, Reporter

    “I want a trade.” Those words rattled the Cleveland Cavaliers, who had just lost to the Golden State Warriors, when their star point guard Kyrie Irving had a surprising trade request. Irving immediately received a lot of criticism from the media wh...

    Photo from Boston Celtics Twitter

  • “Swing” into our Fundraiser
    School News

    “Swing” into our Fundraiser

    Camryn McGee, Reporter

    The Leydenettes are in need of your help! Do you wanna help people for the better? Do you want to make a contribution to the world? Well you’re in the right place! Anthony Alfano is an 8 year old boy from Melrose Park is an inspiration to us all, es...

    Wheelchair Swing

  • Too Late to Learn?

    Too Late to Learn?

    Julia Kornatowska, In Focus Editor

    As we anxiously count down the days to break, it seems as teachers have saved the rest for last. All throughout our time in school we our continuously battered down and told to not wait to the last minute to do all assignments and spread our work ...

  • Net Neutrality
    News, School News, Technology

    Net Neutrality

    Raj Patel

    Net Neutrality, Most of us have heard about it lately, but what does it really mean? On February 26, 2015 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ruled in favor of Net Neutrality which means ISP or Internet Service Providers like Comcast, AT&T, &a...

    Graphic Designed by Josue Teran and Raj Patel

  • Soaring Eagles Receive National Recognition
    School News

    Soaring Eagles Receive National Recognition

    Joe Longo (@StatsByJoe), Sports Broadcaster

    Seniors Amal Sharaan, Jake Schwartz, and Gio Diomede received National Merit Commended Scholars recognition for the superb performance in last year’s PSAT.Every year, the top third of PSAT takers join an elite crew dubbed “National Merits.” And this...

  • When is it TOO Early to Begin Celebrating Christmas?

    When is it TOO Early to Begin Celebrating Christmas?

    Tori Novak

    Stores put out Christmas decorations out on October first and holiday music blasts our radios in early November. It has now become nearly impossible to escape the wrath of premature Christmas celebration. Whether you start celebrating in August or...

    When is this too early??

  • Sports are…
  • Applications Closed
    Local Sports, Sports

    Applications Closed

    Victoria Schulmeister, Reporter

    Senior varsity swimmers Olga Bulka, Julia Kornatowska, and Justyna Kowalski have been enjoying the senior season they’ve imagined for four years. This three part group of senior standouts, affectionately dubbed the “holy trinity,”  have...

  • Last Minute Halloween Makeup
    Arts and Entertainment, Features

    Last Minute Halloween Makeup

    Camryn McGee, Reporter

    It’s finally that time of year again…….Halloween!!! Leyden is full of artistic talented students that can do amazing things. Let’s look into 2 of Leyden’s best Halloween makeup artists.  Jessica Bernal is one senior who has a love for ...

Keeping watch over student news at East Leyden High School
Keeping watch over student news at East Leyden High School