The Eagle's Eye

Finals, Finals, Finals

Finals, Finals, Finals

December 8, 2015

The Crew is Coming

The Crew is Coming

September 8, 2015

Foodie Fun

Leslie Correa and Piotr Morawiec

August 28, 2015

Two students, Ariana Cardenas and Ashley Fiala, have joined forces with Mr. Alex Jomarron to start a Foodie Club, which will offer members a chance to eat different cuisines and experience great meals, while chatting and socializing...

Creative Turnabout Asks

Creative Turnabout Asks

February 20, 2015

Rock On!

Nick Elliott, Reporter

December 17, 2014

East Leyden’s Adventure Education students recently went on a field trip to Vertical Endeavors Indoor Rock Climbing Facility. The field trip took place on December 5th and cost 15 dollars to attend. The Glendale Heights location...

Semester Ends with Most Stressful Part

Kristina Ivanova, Reporter

December 16, 2014

Now that finals are coming up, people are stressing about grades and are trying to hand in all missing assignments. Finals are a big part of your overall semester grade. Students should use the semester exam calculator to help...

Putting Kindness First

Putting Kindness First

December 15, 2014

Off campus a long way off

Joanna Leski, Reporter

December 2, 2014

Senior Michelle Hathaway checked her phone. It was 12:10 P.M, only giving her four more minutes to get inside. Starbucks drink and pastries in hand, Hathaway quickly paced across Leyden’s parking lot. She ran to the auditorium...

Thanksgiving Reflections

Joanna Leski and Alyssa DeSimone

November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving as a different meaning to everyone who does celebrate it. Every individual has some different activity they look to during the holiday season, or even they an activity they don’t look forward to! Some insight from...