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Joceline Paz

Stressed about homecoming? Stressed about not having enough time to get ready? Running on a low budget? Need someone to do your makeup? Junior Victoria Drozd can save the day!

Victoria said her passion for makeup began in the fourth grade when her drama teacher faced her with the task of doing stage makeup. A few years later her friends found out about her enthusiasm and started asking for her help using inexpensive drugstore products.

She said, “My friends would buy me these little elf eyeshadow palettes, and they were really bad, but I still made it work.”

As a freshman Drozd, continued experimenting, wearing makeup daily not because she was insecure, but because she loved trying new makeup trends and products. As time went on, her passion for makeup grew as her experience did as well. For her pervious homecoming dances, she said “I did my own makeup and [the makeup for] three other girls, so time management is really important. I would ask them to come early during the day and ensure them that their makeup would look flawless all night long, and if anything, I would be there to touch them up.”

Her client list has grown so much that she’s working, rather than attending, for this year’s homecoming. She explained, “I would much rather spend time on other people’s makeup and make sure they are happy with the way their makeup looks then to have to rush to do their makeup and my own and not not be happy with the way either turned out.” She charges $15 for students, and that includes foundation, concealer, powder, blush, contour, bronzer, highlight, eyebrows, lashes, eyeshadow, and lips. If you need someone to do your makeup this homecoming, feel free to contact her @[email protected].


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Throwing Shades