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Cristina Aguilar

Cristina Aguilar, Reporter


Leisure Pursuit

Actually enjoys school even being a senior, she’s in stuco and key club. This shows that Cristina is more than willing to help her community.

Big house?

Cristina has a big loving family. She can always to go them for help or any support that she needs. They spend a lot of time together and really enjoy going to the movies and make eachother laugh. She has a mom,dad,sister,brother, uncle, and grandma all living in the same household.

Road to success

Her family means a lot especially her uncle because her uncle was actually the one who helped her pursuit graphic design. Not only is she interested in graphic design but her reasoning for taking journalism is going to help her get over her shyness and become confident in a group of people. Being able to go out and there do what makes her happy is all Cristina wants and wishes to achieve.

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