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3 Things to Know


Becoming a better person is more of an obligation than a goal for Jesus. He would like to be remembered as a good and honest man. One word he would describe himself as is honest. Striving for excellence is an understatement when describing his behavior and actions each and everyday. He says that we are here to change and improve the world.


Jesus is proud of his many accomplishments, including getting past his fears and weaknesses. If there were a movie created based off his life, it would, “be the top selling movie in the country, win a lot of awards, and premiere in every movie theater,” he said.

3.Family Oriented 

His mother had the biggest impact on him during his childhood because she was always there for him. His earliest memory was the fire truck he received on his 2nd and it was very important to him because it was given to him by a family member and it was also his golden birthday. His family is the single most important thing to him.




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