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Kristina Ivanova

Kristina Ivanova, Reporter

Kristina knows exactly where she will be in the future, but for now she has to focus on the present. Although she does not see herself  being an author in the future, she finds comfort in writing and reading. Kristina wants to contribute to our class by not only writing nonfiction articles about what happens close to Leyden, but by writing articles about what is happening around the world. Kristina believes her ambition and sharp writing skills will help her publish some intriguing articles for “The Talon."

3 Things to Know


Shy but Strong: Kristina confesses that many of her peers and even some family members would use the adjective shy to describe her. On the other hand, “shy” would be one of last adjectives Kristina’s friends would use to describe her. Kristina slowly but surely breaks out of her shell as she gets comfortable with her peers. She may look harmless to the naked eye, but she is stronger than most people would imagine. Kristina didn’t even shed a tear or complain when she received surgery on her intestines. Life isn’t fair sometimes, but Kristina knows that the only way you should ever let bad experiences affect you is by letting them teach you a positive lesson.


Dr. Ivanova: Kristina did not shed a tear or complain before or after getting a procedure done on her intestines, but she did one thing- discover who she wants to be in the future. “Sharing is caring” is a motto Kristina lives by. She has always been very smart, and she is very passionate about helping others and giving all she has to those in need. In 10 years, Kristina sees herself sitting in a doctors office sharing her knowledge and giving all her free time to any future patients. She cannot wait to be able to comfort the younger patients, just like the doctors who performed her surgery did to her.


Bulgaria Bound: Kristina is not the type of person that has regrets, but if she really had to choose one thing to change about the past she would not have moved to America. She certainly does not regret meeting all her friends, but she despises spending so much time away from all her family in Bulgaria. The expensive 12 hour journey to Bulgaria via plane prevents Kristina from seeing her family often and she hopes to decrease the 5,000 mile journey to a 10 minute car ride when she moves to Bulgaria after graduating.

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