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Samantha Caputo

Samantha Caputo, Co-Editor-In-Chief

In Journalism this year, Sammi hopes to get to know more about our school and be more involved. She wants to be able to meet many new people and grow connections with them. Caputo believes that this will be a good opportunity for her to grow as a writer and as a person.

3 Things to Know 


Loud and Proud: If there was one word to describe Sammi Caputo it would be effervescent. She has a very bubbly personality and doesn’t have a problem starting a conversation with a person she doesn’t know that well. Caputo does not mind asking someone a question when others may feel awkward.  Sammi Caputo is very proud of having the characteristics of Sammi’s effervescence.


Since 2oo1: Sammi Caputo has been playing  softball since age four. She has played for many teams such as Vipers, Elmwood Park Lady Tigers, Oak Park Windmills, and has been on varsity softball since her freshman year at our very own Leyden High School.


Family: Sammi Caputo has an amazing relationship with her parents.  She loves them dearly and looks up to them not only as her parents but as her two best friends who will always be by her side. Her mom wraps her time not only around the whole family, but around Sammi in all the extracurricular activities that she is involved in.  Caputo’s dad has a very vivacious personality, which makes him the best dad he could possibly be. They both gave Sammi her the great personality that she has!

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