The Eagle's Eye

Sandy Sanchez

Sandy Sanchez, Reporter

Sandy want to contribute news that is happening right now, so people who watch or listen don’t fall back on all the news around the school or world. Sandy also wants to give out more social news, so people can get more involved. Lastly, the stories that she is interested in are romantic and thrillers.

3 Things to Know

1. Favorite Teacher

Henning: The teacher that has had the greatest impact on Sandy’s life is Mr. Henning. One of the reasons is that in his class it was all on your own work. The homework and assignments that he gave were easy to understand. He always gave them opportunities to get extra help before or after school.

 2. All about...

Favorites: Everyone has their own opinions on what they like and don’t like, so I asked Sandy all about her favorite things. Sandy’s favorite book is ‘Perfect Chemistry’, it was such a good book. It was so interesting from beginning to end. Her favorite movie is ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, it was an amazing movie, definitely worth watching. Her favorite movie star is Tom Hiddleston. Sandy’s favorite hero is Hulk. Sandy doesn’t have a favorite singer, but she does have a favorite band, which is Pierce the Veil.

 3. Historical Dinner

Table for 6: Sandy Sanchez was asked “If you could have dinner with five famous people from history, who would they be?”. She gave some very good answers. Abraham Lincoln was her first choice. Then, know as ‘The King of Pop’, Michael Jackson. Third is Martin Luther King Jr.. Following that is Mahatma Ghandi. Last but definitely not least, Jesus Christ.

All content by Sandy Sanchez