The Eagle's Eye

Sarah Fiala

Sarah Fiala, Copy Editor


Weirdness and a Personality

Sarah has an interesting, fun personality that if anyone can really get to know. As others can say, she can have a very weird personality but she can be a really fun person to be around. She believes to be a great student, she is intelligent but knows there will be people higher than her in knowledge. She describes her personality at first as really shy, but as you get to know her and she feels you're a valued friend, she will do the same.

Music by Tabs

When she was little, her passion was to sing. Through some years of high school, she was in choir. But before high school, she says, “I’ve learned how to play the guitar and ukulele through tabs.” Meaning she taught herself, compared to others who learn from taking classes. She once told me about how she went to a concert and someone try to hit her or push her out of the way to get closer to the front, but she acted as if it hurt so she could get thrown out of the concert. She loves her music. Sarah is unique and creative.

Save Money, Real Friends

Sarah has a job and when she works, she doesn’t spend her money at all. Before, she’s worked just to visit her lost long friend that she hasn’t seen since middle school. She work so hard to get the things she wants and to be happy. She traveled across the U.S. alone to visit her friend. Sarah isn’t no ordinary friend, she is the type of friend to have, someone that is true to their friendships and will do anything for her real friends.

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