The Eagle's Eye

Christina Leon
In Journalism this year, Christina wants to work hard and give students what they want to know. She wants to do a lot of interviewing about sport events. She is excited for journalism this year.

3 Things to Know

Self Evaluation

Outgoing: According to Christina , one word she would use to describe herself is outgoing. She says this because of her bubbly personality and willingness to meet knew people. Some people you will find shy away from other people, but not Christina Leon; she is anything but a shy girl.

Party with Ranch

Happiest Day: According to Christina Leon the happiest day of her childhood was when she went to Mexico. She started her amazing trip going to a 15th birthday party for her cousin on her mom’s side. From a party Christina then went to “a ranch to spend time on’’ her dad’s side of the family. She rode horses and had a blast.

Change of Heart

Career Choice: According to Christina Leon when she was asked as a child what she wanted to be when she grew up her answer was a doctor. As Christina started to grow up she changed her mind. A teacher she had inspired her to forget about being a doctor; now she wants to be a teacher. If you walk up to Christina and ask her what she wants to be when she grows up she will proudly answer you “a teacher.”

Christina Leon, Staff Reporter

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