The Eagle's Eye

Nicole Kelly
Nicole Kelly is a reporter for the 2019-2020 East Leyden student news. Nicole is a senior who loves to swim, spend time with her friends and family, and cooking. In addition, Nicole wants to pursue a career in Neurological Physical Therapy after high school. 

Nicole's current news diet includes keeping up with social media, latests trends, news music, and recent politics. Through these sources Nicole gets information like what just got released today, what's going on in the country/world, and what her is going on in her life/ her friends. Along with keeping up in the news and social media, Nicole likes to also read article about the things she loves. She'll read articles about sports, new recipes to make, and what movies she should go see. Nicole usually gets her news intake from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. She has also been watching ABC 7 with her family after practice. 


Nicole Kelly, Reporter

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