GTA Breaks Billion Dollar Barrier


Kids love it, parents hate it! Grand Theft Auto, possibly the most controversial video game series to ever hit shelves, released their fifth title, Grand Theft Auto V, on September 17. Having gained much media and public attention, GTA hit a record breaking $1 billion in sales in a matter of only 3 days!

GTA is a free roam video game that allows you to socially interact in your own virtual world. You can play along with the game’s storyline, participate in side-activities, or simply just explore the city.

For heavy gamer and senior Hector Arroyo, exploring the game’s virtual world is a big draw.

“It’s fun, sometimes I just drive around and follow street rules.”

Yet, for others the story line and interaction with other players is what keeps them coming back to the game.

Senior Tyler Teidje, who waited until midnight for the game’s release, stated, “I enjoy playing online, taking out opponents, expanding territory, and robbing stores.”

Though the game has grown enormously in terms of popularity amongst players, it’s also become a controversial topic.

Many parents are afraid to expose their children, who cannot yet tell the difference between real life and video game consequences, to a game that can expose a child to something he/she may not be able to grasp.

Human Rights organizations have expressed resentment towards the video game, mainly because in order to proceed with the main story line players must take part in a mandatory torture scene. The torture scene involves pouring gas and beating your victim to almost certain death.

Yet, despite being publicly criticized for its violent criminal activities, it hasn’t lost it popularity among the youth and even adults as it continues to break sales records.