Looking Your Best At Homecoming

Looking Your Best At Homecoming

Finding ways to prepare for homecoming and the anticipation of this big event can bring stress to most individuals–particularly regarding their beauty and skincare routines. You are not alone! There are plenty of people out there that have no idea how to prepare. 

For both men and women, the most important step in their routines is fixing their hair. Whether you have short or long hair you will most likely need some sort of hair product to tame it all down. According to my hairstylist Elona, from Gallery of Hair, “washing and drying your hair will make a huge impact on the way your hair will turn out”. It helps give you a head start.

Set a skincare routine that’s right for you! Whether that’s using a face mask the night before or just washing your face before leaving, you want to prep your skin to look it’s best. A Leyden alumni stated “Mario Badescu rosewater is great for prepping your skin”. There are many products out there for both men and women that specifically target the areas you want to work on. Head to your local drug store and grab a few face masks to detox your skin. 

Prepare a day or two in advance by practicing the hairstyle you’d like to try. For all my ladies out there, we know how indecisive we can be. Try out your hair and makeup look in advance and make sure it’ll fit your overall look. It’s best to be prepared because it’ll help things flow easier and you’ll already have an idea of what you’d like to look like the day of. Most individuals like Andres Salgado state that trying out their outfits the night before also gives them an advantage because it helps them “make last minute changes” they feel are necessary. 

By simply washing your hair, trying a new face mask or practicing a day in advance will give you an advantage anyone can have. Here are some products that’ll help you get started: