Blue Crew Creates District-Wide Tradition

West Presence and Tailgate Enjoy Inaugural Year


Originally housed only at the East campus, Leyden’s Blue Crew which has expanded to West, began a new tradition before the homecoming game. 

Blue Crew is a club at East Leyden that promote school spirit for sports, clubs, and theatre. Blue Crew creates chants and cheers throughout the sports games for the student section to get the team confident. This year, Blue Crew expanded to West Leyden since Blue Crew was originally an East club. 

Olivia Hryniszyn, vice president of West Leyden’s Blue Crew stated, “Being the first blue crew at West because now we have it more open to both campuses we’re able to get even more people involved in the club rather than it being mainly East.” Now both officers in East and West can choose the themes for sport activities and many more. Paige Kozial, Co-President of East Leyden’s Blue Crew stated, “It takes a lot of pressure off of myself and the East kids knowing that we have more help and more willing participants.” However there is some struggle, Paige believes, “West students participate more than East students. I hope to get more East students involved this year.” Overall, “attendance at games is much greater. Blue Crew is already reaching new heights.” 

A new tradition Blue Crew will like to make will be the homecoming tailgate game at West Leyden that involves music, food, and face painting. Blue Crew is also selling T-shirts for West throughout the week and East during Pep rally, to bring more blue and gold spirit at this weeks football game. Paige and Olivia hope to see fans “decked out in the theme of the game as well as cheering along with the Blue Crew leaders.”

Both, Paige Kozial and Olivia Hryniszyn, believe this expansion will get more students involved and showing school spirit at events. To join at East or West you simply have to show up to one of the meetings and sign up with their email list to be notified when and where the club will meet up or decide on next! Make sure to show up with spirit at this weeks game!