School Spirit Gives a Sense of Unity


Students showing spirit on Tropical Tuesday

What is school spirit?

East Leyden High School plans out spirit week to make students feel more involved and connected within the Leyden Pride community. This year’s spirit week from September 16-20 was Sports Day on Monday, Tropical Tuesday, Cowboy/ Denim/ College Wednesday, Camo Thursday, and Blue and Gold Friday. Spirit week is created to get students to be excited about upcoming events. The reasoning for the occasion is to make students feel more comfortable expressing pride.

Ms. Ellie Dix, Student Council Sponsor, in charge of spirit week for homecoming, states that school spirit “promotes a positive culture where everyone feels accepted, has fun and really feels what it means to be a Leyden Eagle.” The school as a whole shows pride in spirit but is also showing the heart that Leyden has. In addition, Ms. Dix explains that “the school feels more like a family and a community when everyone is participating in something together” also spirit “Makes them want to get involved.”

Rohel Tan, gives us freshman’s perspective on spirit weeks “ideal for schools to have and show spirit” and that pride gives a “sense of unity. ” Overall, Rohel tries his “ best to have the highest level of school spirit as I can for me.” 

 Currently, not enough students are participating in the spirit weeks and that needs to change. There are times that students choose to not take part or are unable to follow the spirit days. Even though spirt weeks aren’t mandatory, but a school full of pride is a school students want to be a part of. Students who feel that they are missing out should acknowledge that and should put the effort into spirit weeks, whether it is going all out or just incorporating a little bit of spirit into their outfit.

School spirit is encouraged for all students and staff to show dignity. So what is wrong with showing Leyden pride?