Veteran’s Day More Than Just A Day Off


Danil Morales graduated from East Leyden in May of 2012 and is now in the U.S. Army.

Some of our graduates here are East Leyden become teachers.  Others may go on to pursue careers as lawyers or doctors. But there are several students who go to the military after high school.

East Leyden alum Danil Morales graduated in the spring of 2012, and with his whole future ahead of him he decided to work to help keep our country safe. As Veteran’s Day begins to become just a distant memory for many of us, let’s take a look at a veteran and one of our very own.

Danil Morales was walking through the halls of East Leyden as a senior just seven months ago. Now he’s a 74 Delta Chemical Operations Specialist in training for the U. S. Army.

Morales made the decision to join at the end of his junior year at the age 17. With the date of graduation less than a year away he wanted to finalize his plans after high school. With a variety of desires, but not a lot of thinking through, he decided to join the army.

He was going to join later in life but he figured ¨the sooner the better. I could get out of it sooner in my life¨ and have money for college later in life.

Having a dad that served in the U. S. Navy was not his only encouragement to join the military.

Morales said that ¨not doing what ordinary people do¨ also encouraged him.

Despite the obstacles that have come with taking on such a noble career, Morales doesn’t seem to regret his choice.

“It’s helped me a lot to change into who I am now, and I’m serving my country, something nobody else can do sometimes. And, I’m protecting my friends and family.¨

Morales anticipates serving his country for 8 years.

It is because of people like him and all our veterans, both living and dead, who have and continue to sacrifice themselves for us that Leyden students, faculty, and staff were off on Monday, November 12. It seems that the least we could do is take the time and thank these men and women who continuously risk their lives to keep ours safe.

Next time you have the day off of school because of Veteran’s Day, rather than simply seeing it as a day off of school, take the time to thank veterans like Morales since they have made the noble decision to serve our nation.