Cheer Brings it on for Competition Season

Cheer Brings it on for Competition Season

Competition season is right around the corner for varsity cheerleaders. The team is working to perfect its routine before competitions start in December. Schools from all districts go to a competition to showcase how hard they’ve worked all summer and year. 

Jake Richmond and Olivia Hryniszyn are both varsity cheerleaders participating in competition season this year, and both are very excited to bring their enthusiasm and energy to the basketball court.

Richmond wants to push himself through the whole routine: “My main goal for myself is to get my tumbling on point for the whole routine.”

Hryniszyn wants to make sure this year is the best yet: “I want to improve as an athlete overall this season.” And the team’s overall goal is to take every mistake and turn it into a learning experience. The team also wants to keep its energy up throughout the whole routine and show the judges how much they’ve improved all season. 

The team this competition season is co-ed (boys and girls) which gives the team a unique look and a nice change from the past years. The co-ed team gives the chance to all members to show all their talents. “Having the boys on our team this year has also made everything so much more exciting,” says Hryniszyn.

Richmond added,  “Being a boy on the team I believe since the beginning of the season I’ve become a better cheerleader thanks to my coaches and teammates for pushing me to be the best I can be, I’m really happy to be apart of a team with such amazing people.” 

Make sure to come out and support the girls and boys at their cheer competitions! If you see a cheerleader in the hallway or a classroom during the day don’t forget to wish them good luck.