“Swing” into our Fundraiser

Wheelchair Swing

Wheelchair Swing

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The Leydenettes are in need of your help! Do you wanna help people for the better? Do you want to make a contribution to the world? Well you’re in the right place! Anthony Alfano is an 8 year old boy from Melrose Park is an inspiration to us all, especially the leydenettes. Anthony has cerebral palsy, which if you don’t know what that is, it is basically the loss of function in your body. This makes it difficult for Anthony to enjoy the little things other kids can do, for example, going to a park and being able to go on the swing. Around the chicagoland area, there is a very little number of swings for special needs kids, which most are private. The leydenettes heard of this fundraiser when two alumni performers, Anastacia Fratto and Danielle Dempsey contacted Leydenette coach Ms. Marchese about their fundraiser they wanted to start. The Leydenettes want to be able to fundraise to help not only Anthony, but any other kids that obtain special needs that want to be able to swing at the park. A way to be able to do this is getting a wheelchair swing, which is what it says it is, a swing that can be used by kids with wheel chairs. Why do the Leydenettes care about this? Marchese said, “The Leydenettes recognize the importance of helping other children and supporting local families, so I offered the idea of doing an Alumni game, one in which we would invite all Leyden alumni to attend and Leydenettes alumni to perform in, to support those efforts.” If you have any questions about this fundraiser you can contact Ms. Marchese at: [email protected]

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