Make A Difference Day

An inside look on what Make A Difference Day really is.

Make a Difference Day is a worldwide day dedicated to helping others. Leyden High School contributes to this national holiday by having their own “Make a Difference Day” event. 600 volunteers come out to complete 30 projects in one day. There are many ways one can contribute to making a change in the world. Projects such as donating food to shelters, cleaning up garbage in local communities, helping out at the library and so much more. 


Make a difference day is also a way for students to come together to make an impact in the community. Senior Amaiya Hernandez, part of Operation Snowball says, “I get to help my community with my friends and my peers and it’s an easy way to get together and spend time together. I went to a veteran’s home and we cleaned up his yard and we got to interact with him. spend time together and see what it was like for him to get the help he was he needed.” Although we may not impact the nation as a whole, our small efforts will definitely leave a big impact on the community around us. 


Dannalee Mata is a senior that’s part of many clubs such as the National Honor Society, and also a student board member. She has been contributing to make a difference day for the past few years; making dog toys with dog club, doing community cleanups with operation snowball, and selling Tootsie Rolls around Rosemonts to raise donations. This year Dannalee will be with National Honor Society, cleaning up parks. This is an important event for her because“we come together on this day to see the impact that Leyden can have. When you have one group volunteering once a month you don’t really see a huge impact, but when everyone is volunteering on this day and you see there is 600 project being done, you start to really see a difference being made.”


This is a day where differences are made and seen. Choose to be a part of it.