The Eagle's Eye

Leyden’s CSI: Conflict Solution Investigators

Gleanne Airis Rosales, Contributing Writer

November 4, 2013

Peer Mediation is a group of trained students at East Leyden that help mediate and solve conflicts amongst their peers here at school. Senior Natali Ivanova, a mediator for three years, said that “without mediators, there...

Leyden’s Speech Team

Amanda Green, Contributing Writer

November 4, 2013

Speech team is a group which competes in various competitions including acting, persuasive speeches, and much more which helps benefit its members in many ways. It is a group filled with opportunities. Head coach Karen Schumpp...

East Leyden’s Class of 2017

Ashley Franklin, Contributing Writer

November 4, 2013

Getting involved and spreading school spirit is exactly the kind of thing Class of ‘17, which is exclusively for freshmen, does. Class of ‘17 is a group of freshmen getting together to discuss what they can do to get involved...

Class of 2016

Ada Bulka, Contributing Writer

October 21, 2013

With Krispy Kreme donut sales kicking off last week, and the club’s recent involvement in homecoming preparations last month, many students may be looking to get involved in Class of 2016. “The club is all about showing...