Local Shop Serving More Than Just Coffee

A new coffee house theater has opened across the street and it offers customers plenty of options.

It might look like just another coffee shop, but what this shop offers goes beyond the usual coffee, donuts, smoothies, and milkshakes. It also offers pita pizza, chips, trail mixes, soups, oatmeal, and plenty more.

Now, what if you want something that is not on the menu? Well, the shop also accepts food requests along with suggestions on how to make the shop more comfortable.

“We want to make the shop have the feeling of being home,” shop owner Mr. Richard Fredrickson.

For junior Joshua Fredrickson, son of the coffee shop owner, the shop has become a sort of second home. He works the counter and is excited about the new family business.

“It’s a cool place to hangout, to do homework, or just talk,” Joshua Fredrickson said.

It also offers open mic for people who would like to perform live music, do stand up routines, and the shop has movie nights as well.

“Come on in, buy a coffee and hang out with old friends and make new ones,” Mr. Fredrickson said.

The Hometown Tapestry has Facebook and a Twitter feed, @HometownTap, so if any new promotions or offers come up you can stay informed.

The Hometown Tapestry is located in 3531 Rose St, Franklin Park, IL across the street from East Leyden High School.