Deadpool Review: Disgusting, Disappointing

Deadpool’s gruesome action and gross out humor can be skipped. Photo credits to

Leslie Correa, Reporter

20th Century Fox

The movie Deadpool has brought up lots of controversy. Many parents are upset about the fact the movie has such a high rating, rated R.  My first thought after watching the previews was that the rating was a little too high. 

Diann Villamena, senior, said “My little brother is very upset that he can’t see it because of the rating; he was really looking forward to it.”

Sorry Diann’s little brother. After watching the movie, I completely agree with the rating.

I wasn’t expecting to hear as many inappropriate references as I did. Before watching the movie I thought that I would disagree with the rating and say it should be available to a younger audience. However after watching the movie I now I agree with the rating of it being rated R due to the immense amount of  gruesome action and inappropriate jokes. The movie opens up with a fighting scene where Deadpool is shooting people on the head and it is the blood splatters on the camera. Another scene that I seen as gruesome was when he cut his hand off in order to escape from a guy who put him in handcuffs. Most of the jokes were a little too inappropriate for me to put in an article for school for instance jokes involving masturbation, penises and vaginas.

Beside the gruesomeness and the jokes, the movie had a good plot line. A very sarcastic guy named Wade Wilson gets diagnosed with cancer and is told that he is dying. When the cancer spreads, he realizes that he has to leave, not willing to put his death on his girlfriends shoulders.

He is then offered a cure for his cancer and agrees to it despite his skepticism so that he can be with his girlfriend longer. What Mr. Wilson did not realize was that his cure would cost him his very handsome face. After years of trying to find the guy who ruined his beautiful face, he finally encounters the man and that is where the movie begins.

The one scene that really stood out to me was when I could tell that he was actually being sincere. He decided that he wanted to leave his girlfriend in order to have her not see him while he is dying. He left so that he could get the treatment and then he would return to her. That all changed when the treatment went wrong, and he ends up becoming what he calls “ugly.” I liked this scene especially because I could tell that he isn’t always sarcastic and he does have feelings, which you don’t see too much in the movie.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t last long before the inappropriate jokes pick back up. The movie is more of a ‘guy movie’ than other previous superhero films. There’s not a lot of drama or romance to this one. If gruesomeness and raunchy jokes are your thing, you’ll definitely enjoy Deadpool, but don’t bring your little brother and plan on covering his eyes during the violent parts. You’d need extra hands to cover the ears too.

I know many readers of this review are thinking, “But that is exactly who Deadpool is!”  I completely understand that. I also understand that people are tired of seeing good guy superheroes, but there’s really not enough good moments and jokes in this movie to make it worth the watch. Unless you’re down for typical prepubescent teenage humor, then it won’t be your cup of tea.