Young Courageous Writers


East Leyden hosts its  annual Writers Week where students, faculty, and professional writers can share their powerful stories with the Leyden Community. Students have the platform to express and share stories that have meaning to them and have the power to be able to inspire others with their strong writing. Many professional writers and entertainers come and share their work from poems, songs, and comedy, and stories. After these writers perform their beautiful work, many of them know that they inspire young adults with their strong words that they use and a great sense of writing. Many of these professional writers have stories that have a sentimental purpose that students can relate to such as family situations, relationships, and friendships. Stories that talk about the struggles they have been though and stories about memorable events, and tough challenges. It’s not only to explain a challenging story but also add some light into peoples day with joyful pieces of work


¨There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Maya Angelou. Students make up Writers Week with their outstanding pieces of work. A lot of them perform their own stories to share what they have been through and share problems they have held in and are who are ready to share a piece of them to the world even if it’s only to a small audience. They know the impact they will make on these students who are listening to them because of their young adults like them who are going to be able to relate to them. Everybody has a story to tell and a unique and distinct talent to share. Self-expression fulfills. It gives others hope and faith in themselves. When you listen to someone speak about certain situations and struggles that you are going through and knowing that they have gone through and that you are not the only one going through it, it makes you have a sense of hope, because you know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Without having to talk to these writers you can thank them for having the courage to speak out and make changes in people’s life. These writers make them feel less alone in their worlds, develop their empathy for others, and inspire them to be the best people they can.


During Writers Week some students create poems and stories, and through creative writing, help young people from all backgrounds to understand the importance of their own stories and those of others, so that they can pursue the path they choose and work to make their communities more just and equitable. These poets have a strong word choice and a very enthusiastic tone, they tell a story with the way they talk, there hand gestures and tone. One of the poets this year was Donavon, who not only had an outstanding performance but placed top 20 in the Louder Than A Bomb Chicago tournament. His poem was about a girl that he has his eye on and the thoughts that cross his mind when he thinks about her and when he watches her. After reaching out to Senior Joshua Garcia one of the writers who wrote an inspiring story at writer weeks he walked me through how he got the courage to write and how he felt after sharing it with an audience. ¨Courage isn´t built up overnight, it takes many obstacles to overcome and support to be able to share a personal story like the one I wrote ¨said Joshua.  ¨I wrote my piece based on a true story that was life-changing and in hopes that it would make others view their surroundings differently and not take anything for granted, as though I did feel nervous because not many people know this story about me, I wanted to share a piece of my life that has made me into the person I am today. This event was an eye-opener to me, that changed my life forever and I feel like I’ve helped people understand me as a person by sharing my story.¨ Senior Josh´s story was about an event in his life that coulv´e changed his life forever and did impact the way he view people and daily life. As a young child, he went through a traumatic medical experience, that for a young kid like him was scarring. A special thanks to all the courageous writers like him who were able to share a piece of their life and share it with an audience, knowing that it takes a brave person to share and create an inspirational piece.