Drinkhail Drinkhail!


Ding Dong Merrily on High! It’s that time of the year again, where your Leyden Chamber Singers perform at the annual Madrigal Dinner. And this year, it’s very special since it’s the 25th year the CS have been performing. The show contains christmas carols, sing alongs, and audience interaction. Songs are filled with so much joy that people come and watch the show three times. 

As the Lords and Ladies, dressed in head to toe in long, velvet dresses and intricate tunics feast at the ‘high table,’ the guests are personally greeted and seated at round tables by the maiden GraceNotes. Festive garlands, red ribbons, and glimmering lights fill the room with warmth and holiday spirit. After months and months of auditions and constant practice during the beginning of the school year, the singers finally have the opportunity to sing for the community and present their hard work and dedication for a passion some hope to carry on. While learning over more than 35 songs for a one of Leyden’s traditional and unique events, the Yuletide Dinner brings people closer together with the other people sitting with them. It is much expected that many alumni are back with their families to share the same feeling they had when they were on that stage. “It’s very exciting to see their smiles on their faces,” said Junior performer Gianna Cabrera. She is a two year member of the Chamber Singers and knows exactly what goes on in the show. “My favorite part was when we invited the alumni to come and sing some songs…” she explained. It was a very nice touch on the Ms. Cunningham, the Choral Director, to invite the alumni and share the joy with the current Chambies. If you were at the show, you could see how the show is very consistent, but it takes a lot of time and effort to give a splendid show. “From the Royal Chamber Singers, Maiden Gracenotes, Jesters and Servers…we wish you a Happy Holidays!”