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Angel Rivas may have left Leyden last year, but his art and media companies, Lay-z and SadKidAngel remain throughout the halls.

East Leyden Graduate in 2017 was very well known for how friendly he is, his humor but most importantly his style, art and clothing line. Started off with Lay-z Company and now SadKidAngel. He’s now furthered his platform and can be found modeling, writing and managing music.

He started sharing his art on facebook. People after time started requesting for art pieces to be done for them. Angel’s drawings were super well known and were being highly requested to be done where he started charging people for it. He turned his talent and passion to be something he can make a benefit from. “My emotions inspire my work. Sometimes when I have anxiety I just want to create something”  Angels art started making a big moves. He moved his art to instagram and twitter, he was soon making music album photos for people on Spotify and Apple music.

Angel’s logos from SadKidAngel and Lay-Z company are one of the most recognized between the students to be his work. Walking through the halls many people were wearing his shirts, sweaters and had his stickers. Angel has so much potential and even outside of high school is well known along with being asked for new clothing. I have a PopSocket with his art on it, it comes to shock how many people are able to recognize it being his. “I make music when I’m bored. I’m also an artist manager so I’m constantly talking to blogs.”  Angel today is working with Jackie where he helps manage her in music. (Family Reunion on Spotify).

Many times scrolling through twitter or instagram I notice him having collabs with people on his photoshoots. He’s taken his inspiration to further him and be more involved in other kinds of art on different platforms. “I model so that’s fun. It’s only matter of time till I’m going to accomplish everything. I’m on a good pace especially considering I really started honing down this year. I’m probably going to drop some clothes in the future but my main thing is managing Jackie and throwing shows.” Angel is a fair representation of an artist with a drive and dream that’s continued to allow his passion became his goal and make some income.