East Leyden Art Show


It’s that time of the year! The Leyden Art Department is finally showcasing their talents with many art pieces that may shock you. I got a look at the Nardini Library for myself, to see my peers’ artwork. It consists of paintings, pencil drawings, and sculptures. One thing that the Art Department never gets rid of is variety. Ms. Reed spoke about variety and how the art show provides this. She makes sure all students have at least one piece in the show.

While the show displays the artwork of all students, it also featured sections dedicated to certain AP Art students. Among the many pieces, some had a yellow ribbon attached to them. Reed said the yellow ribbon was a chance for the students to receive recognition that they haven’t had, “some of the greatest talent in high schools across the nation.” Artists were encouraging everyone to come out to the exhibit last week since it is only for a couple of days. While they always try to get as many people as possible to come see the work these students create, they’ve seen a greater turnout in just one hour of the show, and Mr. Krypel believes contributing to this would be the simple fact that “the word is getting out,” and “a really good, proud set of students. I think that just the culture of our school is changing” where students are simply becoming more engaged than before. 

The show was set in the Nardini Library and started on December 9th and ended the 12th. We hope that the students were able to visit the exhibit and enjoy the pieces that their peers have worked on for the longest. We can’t wait to see the next upcoming shows! If you ever get the chance, make sure to congratulate these young artists since they deserve the praise.