Comic Con Review


Mariana Urueta-Hernandez, News editor, Journalist

The streets are abuzz with sword wielding dwellers of an unseen nuclear wasteland. Ramona Flowers is waiting at a red light and Fox Mulder and Scully just stepped into the local Denny’s However this is not an alternate dimension but the surge of cosplayers visiting the Wizard Comic Con.Setting Rosemont’s sidewalks with a flurry of people in full costume or even sporting the subtle con pass on a lanyard, the Wizard con is a grand event spanning four days from Thursday, Aug 24 to Sunday, Aug 27 and often boasts a nonstop schedule of cool vendors, great fan displays, and renown and coveted special guests. But more immediate about the event is the astonishing numbers it manages to bring in every year with attendance easily breaking the thousands and this year being expected to face an even larger crowd.

Always a promised good time, the Con certainly has those who will attest to its greatness.Two year worker at the rosemont outlet mall, located right next to the convention center- Isabela Munoz says the con is the must visit place to go and plans on heading there after her shift. “ It’s such a cool place to go. A little expensive especially if you get photo ops but I’ve gone every year I’ve worked near it and it’s always really nice.” A sentiment which resounds with much of the consumer base of the Wizard con. A consumer base of young adults and teens in droves who have more than enough love for their ‘fandoms’.

And these year ‘fandom’s are expected to be an especially rowdy crowd with highly anticipated David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson a.k.a much loved Fox Mulder and Dana Scully from the X Files expected to appear. Also sure to bring in a large crowd, Marvel’s Jeremy Renner and Sebastian Stan will be present said to be spilling dirt on what’s coming up for the Avengers. And certainly adding to this year’s huge expected turnout is The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus, a show favorite known for his large allegiance of loyal fans almost as rabid as the zombies he takes down in the show.

 Subsequently with such a popular set of guests, one of the con’s best fan services is the chance to speak and meet any of their guests free of charge. A much appreciated gesture in the often expensive world of comic cons and meetups. Costs which can often run a pretty penny or “five shifts” according to Munoz and range anywhere from $40 dollars for a one day regular admission to $250 for a 4 day VIP package.

 Apart from an all star cast, Wizard con also boasts a number of other actors and panels on all things geeky and a very popular artist alley in which local and small time artists might sell their home made fan art and merch. Event extras that not only prove there’s something for the even most picky of fans but also run quite a bill for the con’s most enthusiastic of guests.

Also sweetening the pot for some of the audience, is also the highly hopeful chance for decent cosplay. A part of the con that is assured as not only important but a must have by hardcore con goer, 17 year old Ian McAnnally. Recently finishing sewing his costume, the super fan gushes over his cosplay plans. “This year I’m going as the Riddler from Gotham! I actually got to meet young Bruce Wayne at the ‘Villains vs Heros’ con earlier this year but I didn’t have my cosplay complete so I’m actually much more excited for this one!.”

When asked why he chooses to cosplay for Wizard Con, Ian replies enthusiastically. “Because It’s really just super fun. Like you get to just put on a costume and be someone that you’re a fan of for one day. It’s like therapy for me and honestly it’s really cool getting asked to pose for pics at the con because everyone is so supportive of the shows and it’s just like being in a really chill secret club.”

Although the ‘secret’ part of the event seems a little hyperbolic considering the event’s huge turnout – experiences and opinions like that of Ian and Isabela are certainly wide held and spread among the Wizard Con’s very hopeful attendees this year. And with the very highly anticipated turn out both from the special guests and fans on all fronts this year, one thing is certain – the Wizard Comic Con popularity seems to be picking up speed and showing no signs of stepping down, a trend which even Fox Mulder should be able to explain without the use of aliens.