$he’s Back

$hes Back

Tik ToK on the clock…5 years to be exact. Kesha is finally back. She released her new album “Rainbow” on August 11. The 14-track follow up to 2012’s “Warrior,” comes after Kesha spent the past three years fighting a legal and public relations battle after accusing her producer, Dr. Luke, of sexual assault. Despite all of the suffering she endured, Kesha used her struggle and turned it into an influential album.


We all know Ke$ha . The girl who sang about living it up and being wild. But we don’t know Kesha. This album is a big transition for her. It really shows how much she has grown into a woman. “Rainbow” is all about accepting yourself and being comfortable with who you truly are. It is also about overcoming hardships. Her previous albums are about not caring what others think of you. She also uses a lot of prisoner metaphors. As if she was kept  “Rainbow” isn’t filled with a lot of party girl tracks. Some songs resemble the old dollar sign Kesha, but she has definitely removed herself from that image and is establishing her Nashville roots, which at times give this album a country feel. Dolly Parton is even on the track “Old Flames(Can’t Hold A Candle).” Along with country Kesha also incorporated a bit of rock to her new sound.


The two best songs on the album are very similar–not so much insound as in the message. The songs are all about being comfortable with yourself and overcoming hardships.  “Hymn” is the fourth track and my favorite song. It talks about how we are perfect regardless of our mistakes. It is an smooth upbeat tune that you can blast and sing your heart out to. The next is “Praying,”the 5th track. This is a piano ballad, but it’s definitely the most powerful song on the album. You can tell how Kesha was really affected by the whole sexual assault situation. It gives a really good message about forgiving the people who do you wrong. Although she suffered, it all made her stronger and made her grow up.


There is one song that doesn’t quite cut it, “Boogie Feet,” track 10. This song has a rock feel to it which isn’t bad. But the message of this song doesn’t fit the album idea. The whole idea of self love and empowerment isn’t really shown in this song. The song is literally about dancing. I feel like there is no important message. In all honestly, the album could’ve been fine without it.


Aside from that one misstep, the album as a whole is very moving. Listeners will get a feel of the new and improved Kesha, and many will be able to relate to what she’s feeling. I don’t think fans of Kesha’s old music are upset with her new music style. Real fans accept her change growing into a new and improved woman.