Music of the Holiday Concert


For those looking for more holiday cheer come join the Leyden music department for The Music of the Holidays concert. It’s an annual event where the choirs and bands come together to share the music they have been working on for the past seven weeks The different bands that are featured are the symphonic band, East and West concert bands, and the orchestra. The different choirs are East and West concert choir, Bel Canto, A Cappella and Varsity, Chambers, Grace Note ,and Unresolved.


The bands and choirs perform Christmas songs and songs performed earlier at the Yuletide Dinner along with  songs about other holidays, which gives listeners an opportunity to learn about them. It’s also fun to hear your favorite holiday songs live in person instead of just on your iPhone. Not only do you hear your Christmas jams ,you also get to hear different arrangements  Senior Emerson Becker has been in the concert for three years. “I love hearing all of the different groups perform because I love Christmas music so much,” she said “and hearing it all just gets me into the Christmas spirit even more than I already am. Also, hearing live music is a way more intimate experience than hearing it on the radio.”


Every year at the end of their concert all of the curricular choirs come together with the band to perform Hallelujah Chorus. It’s an amazing moment they get to share. The concert will be held at West Leyden on Wednesday December 6th at 7 p.m. Since there are many groups performing this particular concert is around two hours long.