Spread the Word to End the Word

Campaign hits close to home for some


Ashley Fiala is on a mission on end the word! Simply put, she’s made it her goal to help prevent improper use or abuse of words that can be offensive to others, specifically with the use of the word “retarded.”

Recently, Ashley took it a step further when she decided to present a speech in her English class solely on the subject of ignorance when it comes to dealing with sensitive words.

On Thursday, April 10, 2014 we had a chance to speak to Fiala on her perspective and to get some information on a campaign known as Spread the Word To End the World.

This group helps spread the word and helps others understand on how the (R) word is offensive and can make people feel excluded. Fiala, along with her family, have taken a stand against the use of the (R) word and are supportive of the campaign for various reasons, but most importantly for her little brother, Dylan.

Dylan has down syndrome and people for about 6 years have made Fiala and her family mad and upset since they don’t understand how much the use of the word retarded can hurt someone.

To her the word retarded is a form of discrimination. Many people don’t see the harm that they cause with their words, but one little word can cause someone a lot of hurt.