Senior Tech Reflections


Kristina Ivanova, Reporter

The Chromebooks have been a big part of Leyden. There have been ups and downs with them. Since students started using them, their lives have been different and difficult in some ways. Now there is OpenClass and many other sources for students to use. We asked senior TSI students for their opinions on the past three years of 1:1 with Chromebooks.

 Senior Marcin Chmielewski said that he likes the new Chromebooks better because they’re faster than our old ones, but they’re smaller, which is a con. According to him students are very careless with their computers and that’s why they break them. Chmielewski likes the Chromebooks because they’re helpful for school. “The chromebooks have helped me in school because I can go online and check my homework. It’s easier for me because I don’t have to waste paper at home by printing stuff for my homework,” he said.

Senior Bohden Sova, on the other hand likes the old chromebooks better than the new ones because they were bigger. Having chromebooks in class is helping our education because if you don’t know something you can just look it up on google. The students that come to TSI have keyboard and mouse issues most of the time. “I like the Chromebooks in school because you can do your homework right away, instead of having to wait to come home to do it on the computer.”

Senior Bryn Osborne, also likes the new chromebooks better because they’re faster, and easier to repair. “The Chromebooks make education easier,” he said. Having a Chromebook in school helps him finish his assignments easier and googling something can be faster than finding something in textbooks. “They make finding information easier, and it makes doing homework easier.”

“The new Chromebooks are not that much faster, but they get the job done,” said senior Geo Romero. Romero likes the chromebooks in school because you have access to information very fast and it’s easier to do your assignments.