Christmas Procrastinators


In 2018, 56% of Christmas shoppers planned to wait until the last Saturday of Christmas to finish their shopping. And it is estimated that 76% of adult shoppers will wait again this year. Why are Americans waiting until the last couple of days to shop? Seniors and Christmas lovers, Delanie Lopez, Adrianna Gonzalez, and Tamara Trejo seem to answer this question.

Trejo seems to think it’s mostly based on school, “I think I always wait last minute for gift shopping because I’m focusing on school and finals.” So, is school really to blame for such procrastination? East Leyden ends the first semester the week before Christmas, which leaves five days to get as much Christmas shopping done as possible. Black Friday is a very popular day shop either for others or yourself, however, it doesn’t seem to be enough. 

Another factor seems to be money. Many jobs pay on a bi-weekly basis and students at East are getting paid the Friday before Christmas. Gonzalez says, “I think I always wait last minute for gifts because I never have money in my bank account until the week before.” Buying gifts can become expensive for teenagers, especially with minimum wage jobs, so with the added delay of money, it could induce a lot of stress. 

Also, the “Crowds of Christmas” seem to push customers away. Lopez stated, “the chaos in the malls and in stores makes me not want to go.” Around this time, stores start to have more deals and stock because of the holiday season. But, some are put off by the large amounts of people going to the stores to shop for Christmas. 

The solution at the top of everyone’s list this year is Amazon. The billion-dollar company founded by Jeff Bezos offers holiday deals up until December 23rd. With Amazon Prime, you can get items delivered right to your door in less than two days. This gives the average procrastinator an option to relax on their couch while finishing their Christmas shopping in minutes.


Whether you’re an early bird shopper or a Christmas procrastinator, most love Christmas and its meaning. At the end of the day, Christmas is about getting to spend time with your friends and family and celebrate life, love, and the end of another year. So, whether you forgot to buy your mom a gift because you were watching another Hallmark Christmas movie, or you were busy studying for finals, make sure to enjoy your break off with your loved ones. Whether you celebrate Christmas or you not, have a happy and safe Winter Break! 


Are you a Christmas procrastinator? If so, here are some tips for last-minute DIY gifts that are affordable and easy:


-Hot chocolate ingredient mason jar!


-Bake cookies!


-Fill a mug with candy and snacks!