State of the Union: Effects on Leyden

Piotr Morawiec, News Editor

On Jan. 12 President Obama gave his last State of the Union address. Leyden students tuned in, and live tweeted the event by using the #Leyden SOTU. Prompted by social studies teacher Mr. Alex Jomarron and others, students joined a conversation about the politics and the future of the United States.

Jomarron explained the purpose of the activity: “[…] expose kids to something that they wouldn’t normally do. “It’s rare for students to be involved in politics. Some kids watch [the State of the Union address]with their parents but very few do.”

“I think everyone should watch it because it is important to know the state in which your country is in. High school students tend to be ignorant about the fact that they are going into the real world soon as a member of society. We are the future of our country and we should be prepared for it and take the time to be more involved in politics.” senior Romeel Adde said.

President Obama focused on four big questions on the following topics: foreign policy, renewable energy, the economy, and politics He did mention a lot more topics, but mainly focused on the four.

The President reassured Americans that the United States military was the best in the world, and that we have nothing to worry about. He said that the number 1 priority for the US is to protect its citizens and to fight terrorism. He went in depth about how to fight terrorism.

“He did a masterful job at explaining the complexity of foreign policy” Mr. Jomarron stated

Obama also talked about how we cannot let race or religion have anything to do with politics. His words resonated with Leyden students who were participating.

Some of Leyden’s humorous reactions to the address were even picked up by Yahoo.

This year’s State of the Union address was streamed in the greatest number of places seen yet. It was on the The White House’s Youtube Channel, on Amazon Prime Video, and On most TV news networks.

If you missed it, and don’t have an hour to spare, check out Vox’s supercut here.

If you would like to see the full address check it out here.