In Others’ Shoes


Robert Gussy and Giovanni Montes

Leyden has partnered up with the Unity in Community Foundation to organize a shoe drive for people in homeless shelters.

“The way it works is that you get 40 cents per pound of shoes that gets donated and that money goes back into a Leyden student fund, which is going to help students in our district that has financial needs,” explained event coordinator Mr. Tony Pecucci.

The Unity in community is a non-profit organization founded by Tom Birie. The foundation’s goal is to help people in need around the community through donations and fundraisers.

The goal for this drive is around $3,000, which is a reasonable goal because there are more drop boxes throughout the Leyden community.  Anyone can donate by putting gently worn shoes into the boxes at East or West Leyden by the main entrance. Beat up shoes, on the other hand, will most likely be given to Goodwill and won’t count towards the fund.