New Preschool Set to Excite, Expand Opportunities


As we all know East Leyden is under construction, creating many new additions to the highschool including the new cafeteria, pool, and preschool. Leyden has had little eagle academy since forever ago and is now having a new facility built. The new preschool will give both, high school students and little eagles, a better learning and teaching environment. 

Mrs.Maldonado the teacher that runs the preschool class is super excited about the new up to date facility. She says that there will be space for both her students and the little eagles to learn, “ I am super excited for a new up-todate space! We will have a space for our classroom and a space for the Preschool. The high school preschool teachers will have the opportunity to have a work space to work on their lesson and make observations about their students.” Mrs. Maldonado wants to take notes about the new and better environment that is being built and ready to open in february for the preschoolers and students, “ Everything in the room will be new and clean! We will also be connected to the day care facility so I am hoping that my students can observe how that system works.” 

Janelle Caraballo and Aryana Walls students at East leyden are two students who have taken preschool and are currently enrolled in the class. Janelle shared with me that her experiences in preschool were amazing: “My experience from being in the preschool class was amazing, it opened my eyes to the real world of teaching”. Aryana is currently enrolled in the preschool class but expressed that so far preschool is amazing. Janelle believes that preschool is the most important step for children that are about to start kindergarten but others might think otherwise. Aryana trusts that the new preschool with give both teachers and students a wide variety of new experiences: “The new preschool building has a variety of new experiences for the kids and allows us as kids to have a better environment of what it really like to be a teacher”. Janelle a student that has already taken preschool states that sometimes she thought the preschool was too small to hide all of the teachers and little eagles creativity. To anyone that wants to further their education in teaching should definitely take preschool/taste of teaching to get hands on experience. The class is offered to sophomores, juniors, and seniors after taking child development or human development, anyone is welcome for enrollment. If you plan on working with children in the future or you just want a fun class take preschool is an exceptional option.