Application Mania Helps Students Take Next Step on Post-Secondary Journey


     As the calendar year turns to the month of October, high school seniors worldwide face a wave of stress as they work endlessly to complete their college applications. Leyden understands how confusing and difficult applying to colleges can be, so this past Thursday they held an event known as Application Mania upstairs in the Nardini Library. 

     Application Mania was a big hit amongst the senior class as with the assitance of numerous counselors, students were able to gain a sense of security as they began to build on their post-secondary plans. When discussing how he felt about college apps before Application Mania, senior Anthony Arnoni says, “Every time that I thought about it, it was super stressful… kind of like a weight on my chest.” With the guidance of his counselors, Anthony was able to apply to UCLA, his dream school before the Early Application deadline. “My advice would be just don’t freak out. There’s a lot of teachers that care and will help you with whatever you need. So, just don’t stress about it too much,” he says. 

     One great thing about Application Mania was its ability to aid students no matter where they were on the path to applying, Senior Michaela Klein already had an idea as to where she wanted to apply but got stuck at the essay portion of her application. “The hardest part of applying for colleges right now is that both of my majors are similar, so my essays begin to sound the same, I don’t know how to make them different.” Michaela expresses the fear of millions of seniors across the world who are looking to use the written segment of their application to stand out amongst their competition. Michaela still remains confident in her college journey, as she found the absolute right fit for her after looking through her lists at Application Mania. “University of Illinois definitely. I’ve gone for visits so many times in the past couple of years, it’s began to feel like home for me.” 

     While Application Mania may be over, there are still plenty of ways to receive help on all things college here at Leyden. Never be discouraged to speak up and talk to counselors, teachers, staff, or even fellow students about obstacles you’re facing regarding the college process as it is complex and is something no one should face alone.