Kids These Days


Catrina Sanfilippo, Reporter

Every generation criticizes the generation that comes after it.  They feel that they are “better”. It is a natural thing to do. We grow up living a certain way and then the ‘younguns’ start acting unusual.  We asked a representative from each generation to comment on what comes after them. Below are their surprisingly balanced responses.

Baby Boomers (1946-1965) commenting on Generation X (1965-1980):

Mr. Tim Stark: People are entitled to things rather than working hard to gain the upper edge. This is the biggest discouragement from younger people.  Each year that goes by people work less and less, and think they deserve more and more.

Ms. Michele Curley: I feel that the next generation is just as great as my generation! I am basically an eternal optimist, and I believe that everyone has the potential for being an exceptional human being.

Ms.  Elizabeth Adams:  I was in high school and college in the 80s. I was always a little envious of the generation under me for a few reasons. Technology was starting to really take off at that time. All through high school and college, I had to type my papers on a typewriter. The generation under me had it much easier because computers were becoming much more popular, and some were even lucky enough to have personal computers to work on.   I always seemed to be one step behind on the technology they were using so easily. I will admit that my generation was very materialistic (and still is), however, I do think that it even got worse with the next generation. No one seemed to be willing to be patient and save for things, but instead many of them had to satisfy every material want whether they could afford it or not (clothes, cars, houses, etc).

Generation X (1965-1980) Commenting on Generation Y (1981-2000):

Mrs. Caroline Holtgrewe: I’m encouraged by the fact that the generation after mine is not afraid to discuss issues that have divided people in the past as a means of improving our nation.  Although they sometimes get a bad reputation for being lazy, I think this wave of young people will hit the ground running when they identify exactly what it is that each is passionate about. These are the kids who will follow their dreams, whereas generations before have toed the line of expectations.

Generation Y: (1981-2000) Commenting on Generation Z/Boomlets (2000-Now):

Bianca Medina: My honest opinion is I feel like everyone is trying to grow up so fast that they aren’t taking advantage of the time that they actually have to be a kid. I feel like the generation below us is so fixed on who has the best clothes or who got invited to a party or who’s doing drugs that they aren’t spending their time making memories that are actually going to matter in 10 years. I think everyone is trying to grow up so fast that in 10 years they are going to regret having rushed through their childhood.

Generation Z/Boomlets: (2000-Now) on the Present:

Yesenia Aguilar, 8: I feel lucky, cause none of the other generations got to have what we have, I also think we are spoiled because we have a lot of technology to play with like iPads and computers. Instead of going outside to play I can have fun on my iPad.

Alejandro Aguilar, 6: I feel like I always get what I want, cause I am happy with what I got I feel smarter than all of the old people.