Find Time for Family

Adriana Balvaneda, Features Co-Editor

The wholesome family value found in Christmas is slowly fading, and it seems that this year the Christmas spirit got its biggest hit. All people care about is the materialistic side of Christmas and how couldn’t we believe this message. Every day we are bombarded with ads that shout at you with the same message: buy your family’s love with money. Get that bigger screen tv for dad, the newest iphone for Peter, and the must have doll for  Mary.

As a society we have been duped into buying the presents to show love, but what we have lost is what matters the most. So, instead of shelling big bucks this Christmas, why not spend it in quality time with the people who mean the most to you.  Here are some places close to home to have just such an experience.

Santa will be making three appearance near you, and if you’re quick you might just get to see his reindeer arrive. The first will be at the Rosemont Recreation Center on December 18 at 5:00pm to 7:30 pm. You will be able to dance to music and get goodies such as candy. The second chance arrives on December 18 at 6:00pm at the Franklin Park Library, where you will receive a fascinating story along with treats. Also while you wait to take your photo with Santa you will get the chance to do arts and crafts. You can also catch Santa in downtown Chicago at Daley plaza from Tuesday, November 25 – December 24, 2014. You’ll see a complete replica of his house at the North Pole and get the opportunity to meet Mrs. Claus and tell Santa if you have been nice or naughty.

You may also get into the spirit by showing off your art skills at the Northlake Library, a perfect opportunity to avoid paying big bucks and opt for a DIY, home-made present.  On December 20 at 2:00, p.m. get the chance to make cool gifts that will be one of a kind. This might also make for the perfect bonding time between family members as they put serious thought into their gifts this season.