NBA Preseason Awards

Our columnist doesn’t even need them to play the games


Jacob Hawking, Reporter

The Power Houses

The Chicago Bulls are looking strong again because Derrick Rose is coming back from injuries he’s dealt with for the past two years. People are expecting the team to head to the playoffs and perhaps compete for a championship as long as he’s healthy.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are looking strong as well because former MVP Lebron James came home after leaving them to go to the Miami Heat. His Cleveland fans went crazy over that decision, but none the less, they’re happy to have the NBA’s best player back in his hometown.

The Comeback Kids

The LA Lakers finished last at 27-55, mostly because of the injury of Kobe Bryant, who only played eight games. They didn’t make it to the playoffs for the first time since 2005. The addition of Carlos Boozer from the Bulls should put more pressure on the net and hopefully keep their rebounds up.

Most Valuable Player

The MVP shouldn’t be a surprise: Lebron James or Kevin Durant, even though a recent foot injury will cost him 6-8 weeks. Lebron James is now the major favorite for getting the title of MVP this season. Both of these players have the capability to carry a team in tough situations and bring out the win. With all the new names coming into the league, these same veterans are more likely to come out ahead.

Most Important Player Returning from Injury

Kobe Bryant is probably the most important player returning from injury this year because of how bad the lakers did last year without him. They are looking for him to take lead of the team again and get them back into leader for the team and put up some good points.