Rep. Willis Latest to Tour East Leyden

On Tuesday, April 15, Kathleen Willis of the 77th Illinois district came to visit East Leyden High school for a tour of the school to observe the various opportunities that Leyden offers its students.

Superintendent Dr. Nick Polyak, Business department chair Dr. Fran Brady, department chair of Family Consumer Science Eileen Falls and Industrial Tech department chair Frank Holthouse were also in attendance as Rep. Willis was led along to each of the various rooms which began with a show stopping performance by the Leyden choir in the choir room.

Afterwards, the tour moved on to the culinary room, TSI room, and metals room.

In each of the rooms, students along with the classroom teachers, walked her through all the different, unique activities students are able to be involved in while in the class. Several students remarked on the great opportunities the class has presented them in terms of outside job opportunities.

Lunch was held in the board room and was prepared by the Advanced Catering class. Throughout lunch, she shared some of her successes while in office earlier this year as wella s some of the coming bills she is hoping to bring to the floor in Springfield.

The tour ended with Representative Willis asking the students present if there were any issues or laws that she should take back to Springfield.