Is the iPhone 6s worth the switch?


Leslie Correa, Reporter

Just recently, the Apple iPhone 6s was released,and came out with many new features. The new features include 3D touch, live photos, new tech in the phone, design, improved touch ID, and faster LTE and wifi. Many people would like to know if the the new iPhone is worth the switch.

Many students have made a switch from Android to Apple or from Apple to Android, here are some of their comments.

Senior Eric Zagal, switched from the LG G3 to the iPhone 6s. He explained “I made the switch because I’ve had an Android my whole life.” Zagal also added, “I’ve only had the iPhone for 6 weeks, and so far I still like the Android better because you have more freedom to do what you want with your phone.”

Another student, Joanna Kurkowski, prefers Apple over Android “I prefer Apple 100%. It works, doesn’t turn off, and is good phone overall.”

Ms. Kapinos, science teacher at East, made a switch from an iPhone 5s to the iPhone 6s. “I decided to buy it because I was tired of my 5s. It didn’t have enough space (16 gb) so I was always having to delete pictures and apps in order to make room for more.” The best feature from the new iPhone 6s according to, Ms. Kapinos is the live feature,  “I like the ‘live’ feature that turns all of your photos into animations.”

Finding people who are going to stay with the same iPhone is pretty hard, especially since everyone likes to have the newest and best iPhone.