Who is your Grandfather?

Errol Lucas, Reporter

Grandfathered is a new comedy sitcom on Fox that will get you laughing throughout this fall season. This new show, created by Daniel Chun, is about a restaurant owner, Jimmy Martino, who finds out that he has a son named Gerald with a girl he used to date, Sara Kingsley. Not only does he find out about having a son, but also discovers that his son has a daughter named Edie, making Jimmy a grandfather. Watching the pilot to this show that premiered September 29, 2015, you get a big plot twist in the beginning that will intrigue fans of sitcoms. This show consists of run-on gags throughout the episode and humor that will fit the all-around age group of juniors and seniors that are looking for a new show to just laugh and enjoy. According to Rotten Tomatoes,  the show rated 67% with an average rating of 6.1/10, while according to Metacritic, the show rated 62/100. For its overall rating, this show isn’t too bad and is of course watchable if given the chance. In my opinion, the show should be rated 78% for it’s sense of humor and development for the shows main roles. Jimmy and Gerald’s relationship as father and son grows a lot through this first episode, and showed a lot of character development with these two characters. However, the flaws of this show can be that it doesn’t show that much progression in Jimmy’s transition to becoming a grandfather. After the first episode, he seemed ready to support and take the role of a grandfather after a big surprise. Another flaw is that the first episode or the pilot episode lacks character development in supporting roles. The girl that Gerald slept with and gave birth to Edie wasn’t explained as much. Her relationship towards Gerald is just a friendship and there isn’t much of a background towards why or how they have Edie in their lives. Some may see a familiar face, Josh Peck who plays the role of Gerald. Everyone around this age should remember him from Drake & Josh, which is another good reason why you should watch this show. Grandfathered is the go-to new series to watch on FOX, other than The Walking Dead for all the zombie fans out there. So why not give this show a chance? Go watch Grandfathered on FOX, every tuesday at 8/7c.