Chambers Preparing for Annual Events

Jasmina Abdic, Social Chair

The most elite music group at Leyden, Chambers, is preparing for their October 8 concert. Whether it’s outings, rehearsals, side performances, or just bonding, this group is always together. According to Priscilla Mercado, a two year member, this is the most dedicated she has been to anything. Although Priscilla is not looking to become a famous pop star, she still wants it to be apart of her life. She said, “I do not think I will be considering using singing as an actual career, but I do plan to do some type of choir in college in order to get scholarship and just learn more about what I love to do.”  

Recently, Chambers took a stroll through downtown. Millennium Park hosted a show, so they were hoping for some inspiration. Chambers sat quietly while they listened to the performing artists. Director Stacy Cunningham has been working for Leyden for almost thirteen years. She started this group when she first began working at Leyden and continues working toward perfecting these musicians. Cunningham hosts an annual retreat for all Chamber members; this just so happens to be Priscilla’s favorite part. She said, “Next month we will be going on a retreat where we also have so much more time to get to know one another and focus on music together.”

Chambers rehearsals happen quite often. According to Priscilla, “This group requires a lot of commitment. We meet as many times a week as we can for about 2-3 hours at either campus. There are times where we are at school rehearsing on our days off and even weekends.” As of now, Chambers is mainly looking forward to having a better bond. Their annual retreat is happening soon. Senior, Priscilla Mercado, thinks this will help them improve their sound.