A Day As An Athletic Director


Alyssa DeSimone

Mr. Randy Conrad

Alyssa DeSimone, Staff Reporter

Mr. Randy Conrad loves being the Athletic Director of District 212, a job he’s held for the past 15 years. However, the job comes with frequent long hours.

Mr. Conrad starts every day at 5:30 a.m. to get his morning workouts in. Mr.Conrad enjoys working out at the school because he gets the chance to talk to the other coaches who work out at that time. Thus, he’s able to get the inside scoop on how their sports are going. After the morning, Mr. Conrad has roughly eight sports to keep up on throughout the day and evening.

On a daily basis, he answers between 100-200 emails, keeping up to date on the athletics website, and making sure our facilities are the best that can be. Mr. Conrad is also responsible for athletic innovations for our school. That means looking at what other schools are currently involved in from different cities or states and making changes, such as moving sports registration from a paper format to online.. He likes to keep the Leyden community updated via twitter (@Leydenathletics), tweeting out scores from various teams and other sports news.

One thing many probably don’t know about Mr.Conrad was that he used to be a dean at his old school. He loves meeting kids and watching them compete, especially since his passion is in wrestling. He has four kids of his own and still manages to balance out his hardworking job and his family. He loves knowing that the kids that he meets want to be in school and love doing what they do.

Mr.Conrad said that he, “loves to win but winning isn’t everything, It’s more about the process of competing.” He has truly made a tremendous impact not only on Leyden but the communities that surround Leyden.