Gene and Jude’s Student Review

Samantha Caputo and Alicia Solis


Hiding behind a McDonalds on River Road, is the world famous hot dog stand, Gene and Jude’s. With the lines circling each other and almost back out the door, there still are some consumers that are very unlikely to be entering. One of those consumers is Alicia Solis. After enjoying the experience of standing in line at the gray counters following your cook to the cash register, she took a bite into her hot dog. She stated that the hot dog “tastes like you are biting into rubber in one bite and then just bread in another.” She feels as though there is too much bun and not enough weenie. The idea of the fries in the hot dog is interesting, but she wonders why they don’t ask her if she wanted them on the hot dog or on the side. The customer service and environment was fantastic, but is not a “great buy” for someone like her. One of the most highly visited restaurants near Chicago is Gene and Jude’s. This place is very famous for its Chicago style hot dog. Hot dog lover Samantha Caputo loves going and getting herself a good Chicago dog from her favorite place, Gene and Jude’s. Samantha says, “ A Chicago style hot dog consist of onion, relish, mustard, and hot peppers. Also huge no no on a TRUE chicago style hot dog is no ketchup.”  She also says that it is a great atmosphere and that the experience is great. According to Samantha ordering the food then going out to the car and eating is what will make for the best experience of eating a Chicago style hot dog. Eating at Gene and Jude’s for someone like her is a fun and stomach filling experience.