New Stickers On Leyden Doors Showcase Recent Law


The state of Illinois added several new laws that went into effect on the first of January. These laws range anywhere from new driving laws to new gun laws. Below are some important things to note concerning two of the recent law changes.

Concealed Firearms Law

According to an article from the WGN Chicago website, people are now allowed to carry concealed firearms in their pockets or purses. They must have their State Firearms Owner IDs (FOID) with them whenever carrying their concealed weapon.

Most places, like schools and grocery stores, don’t allow guns in their buildings for obvious reasons. And even with this change in the law, these places still have the ability to decide whether they want guns on their premises.

David Wnek, police liaison at East Leyden said that there is no need to worry about the new gun laws while at school.

“There are no weapons allowed on campus anyways, period,” Wnek said.

That hasn’t stopped campuses, organizations, and schools, including East Leyden, from posting “guns prohibited” signs on the main entrances of buildings.

Cell Phone Law

The WGN Chicago website also reported that all drivers in the state of Illinois are now required to use a hands-free device to make a call while driving.

If there is an emergency, the driver may pull over to the side of the road and make the call, but other than that, there will be penalties.

“I think these new laws could be very beneficial to people that drive,” said Mark Valintis, the drivers ed teacher at both East and West Leyden. “Some people out there will still talk and text while driving because they don’t agree with them.”

The ABC Chicago News website stated that the first offense is a fine of seventy-five dollars, the second offence will be an increase of twenty-five dollars, and if you get pulled over three times in one year for talking on the phone while driving, you lose your license.