Peer Coaches Waiting for You

Peer Coaches Waiting for You

While previously underutilized, peer coaching has returned this year, hoping to draw more students to help its members provide in the writing center. 

Peer coaching is an organization that supports and collaborates with students, teachers, and the East Leyden community on a variety of academic and non-academic writing tasks. These tasks can include helping with letters of recommendation, college essays/applications, resumes, writing contests, and personal interest writing. 

Peer coaches are not writing experts but are student writing coaches who facilitate writers through all stages of the writing process and all aspects of writing. These coaches are Leyden students, 10th grade and up with various academic backgrounds who support and collaborate with peers struggling with a variety of writing tasks in a safe and inviting environment, free of evaluation. Ultimately, the peer coach manual states that the coaches’ priority is to “offer empathy, understanding, patience,  and instill confidence while promoting inquiry and passion for writing.”

East Leyden Nardini Library

Current peer coach, sophomore Diego Loveshe, said, “I really like the fact that being a Peer Coach means you are helping out other students who may need help if they are having a tough time with classwork or if they just need advice, or anything else. As a Peer Coach, we are here for those who come into the Writing Center.” 

Although these peer coaches are there to help with an area one is struggling in, there are times where they are unsure of topics. When this happens, Julia Kostadinova, a senior member, says “there are always other coaches around to help, as well as the teachers.”

All students have to do is schedule an appointment on Super Sass or stop by the Writing Center, which is located in the East Nardini Library/Media Center. Peer coaches are available Monday-Friday from 2:30 – 3:30 p.m. In addition, Adult coaches are still available Monday-Friday from 7 a.m.-4 p.m. Once a Coach and student is in a session, the peer coacher guides the writer in a one-on-one-conference related to, at any stage of development, for a variety of writing tasks.

However, as much as the club is beneficial, not many people use this opportunity. Mrs. Jeanatte Gaglairdi, the club sponsor from East, says “This is only the third year of peer coaching. We’ve experienced a degree of success, but we haven’t reached as large of a population as we would like. However, our membership increased greatly this year. We went from about six members last year to twenty this year.” 

This opportunity serves to aid many. In fact, Gagliardi states that “the students who come in for conferencing leave with a sense of accomplishment, knowing they can depend on Peer Coaches as a resource throughout their four years at Leyden.” 

Have any additional questions? Email Mrs. Jeanette Gagliardi at [email protected].